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Art Exhibit – Harding Street

There’s a public art exhibit of my community photography at 2636 N Harding Street on Frenchie’s old building (The Hartmann Building)

I take THOUSANDS of pictures a year but this installation has 8 years worth of pictures and there’s NO WAY I could have curated it myself

S/O to my fellow The Learning Tree members DeAmon Listener HargesJanuarie YorkAmanda Wolf for curating this exhibit and going through my portfolio to tell this story … I am truly honored by what y’all did for me

S/O to Print It Inc. for printing and installing all of this! (they do amazing work so shop with them!)

For the past 8 + years I’ve been a part of a community org called The Learning Tree and we’d done smaller projects like this guerilla style on vacant houses in the neighborhood that we didn’t own, but that’s not what this is

Thanks to the support of Indiana Landmarks, Central Indiana Community Foundation, The Indianapolis Foundation, Impact Central Indiana and so many more people – our community group owns this building and the Ritz Lounge nextdoor through one of our nonprofit arms called Roots International

S/O to all of our board members who have made this happen

Also S/O to Pope Adrian Bless for designing incredible logos for us

S/O to the PA Humanities and the other folks here for the National Humanities Conference who came by to see it yesterday and listen to us talk about our community!

Also S/O to Averycollective for several of the pictures I’m in at the exhibit