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Dry Erase Checks

If you plan on holding on to the check for future use, dry erase lamination makes them reusable when written on with a dry erase marker. With the entire board covered in the lamination, you can write anywhere on it, wipe it off and reuse it. These are perfect for companies and organizations that plan on giving multiple donation presentations.

Digital Printing Materials

Corrugated Board

Foam Board

PVC Board

Styrene Sheet

What will you use your Giant Check for?


Show support for your favorite charity and encourage others to support them too with a big check at any event, photo opportunity, or ceremony.


Motivate employees, team members, and competitors by showcasing sales incentives, bonuses, or winnings.


Let your loved one know how proud you are of their recent accomplishment.

Having A Blast

Give a joke gift to a friend with a big fake check.

Sample Work

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Wall graphics

floor graphics

window graphics

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